Rules & Regs

New rules for All Netball in England from September 2016

From September 2016 all domestic competition in England will be played in line with the International Netball Federation (INF) new rules.

You may have noticed these rules being implemented already in recent International Test Series and Netball Super League.

Read on to find out everything you need to know before taking to the court this September!

It is important for netball to be inclusive, to encourage as many people to play as possible, and in some cases it would not be appropriate to apply the INF Rules at particular levels of competitionTherefore England Netball has also developed guidance for different levels of domestic Netball indicating permitted variances to the INF Rules.

Read on for further details!

What does it mean to you?

Here you can find out what the new rules mean for you as a Player, Coach, Umpire or League Organiser!

League and Event Organisers – In light of the new rules and changes to our domestic guidance it is likely that you will need to make some modifications to your league or tournament regulations and communicate these prior to the start of your season. We recommend you review all documents below to ensure you are aware of ALL the new rules as well as those that are permitted to be varied locally contained within the EN Full Domestic Rules Guidance 2016.

Clubs – It is important that you are aware of the new rules that your teams will be required to play to as well as all necessary match protocols. It is therefore recommended that you encourage your club members to visit this page and view the documents most relevant to their roles. If you participate in any local, regional or national competitions we also strongly advise that you review their rules and regulations carefully prior to the beginning of your season and be aware these may well vary between different competitions.

Players/Coaches – We have created the NEW Rules – What’s Changed document to give you a clear and simple overview of the main changes that you will need to be aware of. Please note however that there are additional variations that leagues are permitted to change locally so we therefore strongly recommend you review your local rules and regulations prior to taking to the court next season.

Umpires – It is important that you understand the changes in the rules and how you need to apply them. Hopefully you have managed to attend one of the many rules workshops which have been held across the country. If you have not done so yet we would highly recommend that you try to book on to one of the remaining sessions, visit you regional website to find your nearest workshop. The documents above that you should make yourself familiar with are; the INF Rules Book (2016)INF Match ProtocolsWhat’s New INF and EN Full Domestic Rules Guidance 2016.

Team Manager – Take a look at the NEW Rules – What’s Changed document to familiarise yourself with the changes for this season. More detailed information of the potential domestic variations in rules can be found in the EN Full Domestic Rules Guidance 2016. Please note that different leagues will adopt different elements of the domestic guidance and apply it appropriately for their competition. We therefore recommend that you review all relevant league rules before the start of the season, particularly if your team competes in a number of leagues!

Teacher – Take a look at the NEW Rules – What’s Changed document to find out about the new rules for 2016. More detailed information regarding the potential domestic variations in rules can be found in the EN Full Domestic Rules Guidance 2016. Any variations adopted by competitions you compete in will be detailed in their league/event regulations, however for inter school matches you may want to agree any variations in advance so everyone is playing to the same rules. Often many of these are common sense!

To view the full list of new rules for 2016, visit the INF Website.