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AGM Notice 2023

East Region Netball Association

Annual General Meeting 2023

Netball East regional management board (the ‘board’) would like to notify its members that the east regional AGM will be held on Tuesday, 27th June. The meeting will be held via Zoom at 7:30pm (registrations will open from 7pm). 

Any voting member is entitled to submit a proposal to amend the constitution or to propose a member to the board. Such proposals must be:

  • made in writing.
  • seconded by another voting member.
  • emailed to the east region office ( and
  • submitted by 5pm on Tuesday, 30th May 2023

To note, voting members are defined as:

  • Each County Association situated within the regional boundaries of the East.
  • All clubs whose nominated primary county is located within the regional boundaries.
  • Member schools who are paying membership fees to England Netball.

All east region members are welcome to attend, however, each club and school (as defined above) will only have one vote. Persons attending may only cast one vote on proposals.

Please note that since the last AGM Rachelle Anderson, the Communications and Campaigns lead resigned from the RMB. Until the 2023 AGM, Alex Sexton has been co-opted to the RMB as Communications and Campaigns lead and will stand for election at this AGM.

In additional Lyndsey Barrett has been co-opted to the RMB as the Belonging and Inclusion lead and will stand for election at this AGM.

Please note, Bernie Palmer is standing down from her role as the Officiating Lead at this AGM. We will be recruiting this role for the Regional Programming group and not the RMB (advert to be posted soon).

In addition, the following vacancies and seats are due for election/re-election:

  • Communications and Campaigns lead – Alex Sexton – seeking election (3-year term)
  • Belonging and Inclusion lead - Lyndsey Barrett seeking election (3-year term)

If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions, please download an application form by clicking here and return to the Nasem (East Regional Officer) by email on by 5th June 2023.