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Performance Information 17th July 2016

Regional Screening 2016 - Results


Netball East and Sam Meade would like to thank all the athletes who took part in the East Region Screening on Sunday 17th July 2016.
We would also like to thank all the parents who have supported the athletes through this process over the years and all the selectors, coaches and officials who gave up their time to support the event.

Results of the day can be found by clicking here

You may receive one of the following offers:

Regional Performance Academy (RPA) - There will be around 20 athletes in the Regional Performance Academies, some of whom will also attend National Academy training and may be part of the U21/U19/U17 England Squads. This will include morning and evening training sessions. Your offer could be a full time or part time place.

Regional Academy (RA) in Herts or Essex - This is a year round individualised training environment for athletes. There will be around 20 Athletes in each of the Regional Academies. Your offer could be a full time or part time place.

Mavericks Youth Screening - You may receive an invite to trial for the Mavericks Youth NPL squad for 2016/2017 season. These trials will be held in September/October and likely venue will be in Herts

If you are successful in gaining a Full/Part time place in any of the academies you will be invited in to Summer camp on Monday 8th and Tuesday the 9th August 10-16:00 at Oaklands College. Please ensure you keep these dates free and contact us to let us know if you cannot make the summer camp.

If you we ill, injured or unable to attend Sunday you are invited to the summer camp where we will look at you then – please can you confirm (only if you haven’t with Sam Meade Already) your attendance at the summer camp

If you are unsuccessful in gaining a place in the academies at this time, remember this is not the end of the road. You can request feedback from your screening and work with your coaches on the feedback to help develop you further. We operate a very fluid system in the east and although we do run a screening day once a year there are many opportunities along the way to be seen and invited it to the academy when we feel it is right for you. Over the year there is always movement of athletes from County academy in to RA and RA athletes in to RPA.

Congratulations to all the athletes who were invited and to those who have been successful at this point.



Still to screen


Full Time place


Part time place RPA with RA Essex


Part time place RPA with RA Herts


Part time place in RA


Invited to Summer camp